2015 Spring Metro Teams & Combine Results

It was a solid turn out of 35 guys at our first Combine of the year on Saturday morning at Bendwood Park.

Conditions were perfect for the boys to take on fitness and skills drills Coaches Dan & Nate had ready for them. You can check out the Metro Combine results here.  There were some great performances from many of the boys, however it is still a primary focus of the Lonestars to improve our kicking skills so expect more drills over the next month focusing on this and grab a mate and practice as much as you can. 

It was then onto Karbach Brewery(confirmed sponsor for 2015) to enjoy a few beers and lunch and take part in the announcing of the Spring Metro teams.  Even if you weren't there on Saturday and you are on the Player list you were drafted to a team so please take note and your captains will be in touch this week confirming availability.  If you don't see your name on the list please let let us know and we will sign you up to the Blues or Reds. Newcombers are always welcome!

The Spring Metro Series will be a great lead up to our first USAFL game against the Ft.Lauderdale Squids and Austin Crows in the Cowboy Cup, March 21st. Stay tuned for more info on that match and Rodeo tickets. 

METRO GAME DAYS: Next 3 Sundays, March 1,8 & 15 at 3pm. 


Captain: Craig Dillon-Gibbons                Captain: Michal Abdullah
Matt Stevens   Zach Weikel
Jordan Remeljej   Nick Plaisance
Matt Leinbaugh   Kevin
Perhan Dixon   Sam Donnelly
Art Livingston   Adam Ruggles
Robbie Sherlock   Josh Devlin
Sean Smyth   Blake Hodson
Jesse Carcamo   Brendan Mahoney
Phil Harford   Bomber
Trigue Allen   Dan Holwerda
Doug Hill   Chris See
T-Bo (Frenchy)   Justin Vaughn
Tom Donnelly   Q
Steve O   Steve W
Nick Maas   Cameron Dillman
Rick Veroude   Chris Fielder
Adam Beers   Paul Mueller
Tobin Gelbs   Jeff Michel
Scott Cameron   Matt Holub
Sarge   Chisi
New Jake   Jake Plaisance
Nate Lane   Peter Coates
JJ Woods   Mark Maclaine
Casey Anderson   Earl O'Callaghan
Tallis Bennett-Vershure   Josh Morgan
Chris Ott   Josh Morris






Lonestars 2015 Combine - This Saturday 10am


As you know we are dreaming big again this year, and focusing on building football in Houston in many ways, such as Ausball (see http://ausball.com/), Metros (9 a side) and of course normal full matches against the usual suspects such as Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, Austin and Baton Rouge.

The Combine will be lots of fun and you will be scored on some pretty simple activities, such as kicking accuracy, goal kicking, handpassing, fitness (don't be scared - no beep tests). You get the added bonus of cheering on your team mates as they go through their paces.  For full details of what the combine will consist of, see details here

Place: Bendwood Park, 12700 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024 http://goo.gl/maps/NtK5e

Time: Saturday Feb 21st, 10am

We encourage everyone to make it down, participate if you can, if you are injured come down and help out.

Afterwards, we'll head to our sponsors the Karbach Brewery for beers, tally up the results and hold the Metro Draft. http://goo.gl/maps/4aNU6