Lonestars - USAFL Division 3 National Champions 2013

Congratulations Lonestars, an awesome result!

To the players - you were fantastic this weekend and all year long, you showed heart, passion and skill.  All weekend long we grew as a group, every game was better than the one before it.  Every single guy on the field and bench contributed to the win. There were many standout players and we won't name names - this is a team sport and no matter what your feats, time on field, or goals kicked, you all were part of a magnificient team and a great group of guys! Remember what Nick Reiwoldt said before the game to you, you will remember this for life.

To the WAGS - thank you for being there for us all season long, we know without your support that none of this would be possible, thank you!

I want to give a special shout out to Dave & Sonni - your heart and hard work on and off the field is peerless and without your efforts this wouldn't be possible.

It was great to see some former Lonestars cheering us on and as always this was probably the last game played by some guys - I couldn't be more proud of the way we send you off on your way to other parts. Thank you for being a part of the team! And thank you to the guys that have already moved on, great families like the Wilson's and Waden's - you all set us on our journey.

Our end of season function will be Karbach Brewery on November 3rd from 2-5pm, mark your calendars! Full details to follow.

There is also a good chance of a sesh this Friday....we will be in touch.

Coach Dan

Texas Cup now CANCELED but the Phoenix is ON!

Hey Guys,

Hate to be the barrer of bad news but the game is now CANCELED!  We waited as long as we could but the weather isn't letting up and there is no way we will have a field to play on.  Bendwood Park currently has 3" of standing water and growing on it... so the game is off.  We are really pissed as we had a great squad and were going to bring it to Austin and Dallas!

HOWEVER -- Plans are still on for The Phoenix at 1PM!  We now have a lot of food and a keg of beer to finish without Dallas and Austin... So everyone get down there, where you Lonestar shirt, and support the team.  We will be playing the replays of this mornings game Hawks vs Cats!  

At 4pm, the Oktoberfest Fun Run will be taking off.  So since we're not playing in the morning, no excusses... Support our local pub and have a run while doing it!  

Spread the word to others if you get this email.  Let them know about the canceled game and the plans at The Phoenix!