Spring Metro Round 2, 2015 - Match Report

Jeez … doesn't look like much of a day to go outside, wonder if the game will be on today. Looks to my companion in Facebook, Coach “Perfect day for footy boys, game on”. Well that answered that question!

Getting to the ground it's like a watery swamp, it's cold, it's wet and it's windy. The brave few are standing huddled in the rotunda looking out at the ultimate frisby boys who have decided it's game on. There are questions on faces as to why we have got out of our warm houses... then Coach rocks up, takes one look at the ground and says “warm up!!!”.

It's not as many as last week, with 8 on 8 starting the opening term. Many of the usual hard nuts are on the park with Zac, Justin and Coates lining up for blue against Stevens, Sean and new recruit Scott. As the game starts many can see it will be a game played below the knees with clean and controlled hands being of significant importance in the dire conditions. The Mashmellows take the advantage in the first with Coates and Earl showing how it's done, controlling play and hitting targets with short precision kicks to take the lead into the first change.

As the second quarter starts the conditions haven't improved, but RED's ability to win the ball has with Stevens and Sean putting their bodies on the line to surge the ball forward in the wet to the waiting arms of Matty L. He takes one of the marks of the day, leaping in front of Fielder to steal the ball from the tough back-man and converting with a handy goal. However, the quarter is highlighted by Earl's run off half back shutting down the younger Jordan, with Earl's ability to keep his feet and hit targets in the hazardous conditions helping the Mashmellows get to half time.

The REDs decided to change things up a bit in the second half. Having seen Earl have a field day in the first half, they rotated CDG to play the forward shut down role on Earl, while Jordan was released to the midfield, much to his delight. Ruggles was also sent onto the field for the first time, having missed daylight saving !!!!, and went straight to full back on Matt L. 

The second half showed some outstanding wet weather footy with Talis for the REDs and Justin for the Mashmellows running the lines and driving ball after ball into their respective forward lines. There were plenty of hits and shepherds out in the middle as the boys got ready to play the real stuff in a couple of weeks.

It felt like a tight tussle all day, however a determined effort by Matt L in the forward pocket, gave CDG the sealing goal for the REDs with the final whistle blown shortly after. An outstanding effort by everyone who was able to make it, including the supporters and coaches who saw the game out.

That levels the eries at 1 a-piece with the final game this Sunday 3pm to decide if the Mashmellows or Crimson Tide will take home the glory from the first Metro Series of 2015. 

PS>The weather for this Sunday actually looks OK!!!


Mashmellows: 3.4.22  

Reds: 5.3.33 


Mashmellows: Earl, Maclaine, Justin

Reds: Matt L (2), Beers, Craig, Talis


Mashmellows: Earl (Smashed it), Coates (first half), Justin

Reds:Stevens, Scott, Matt L, Sean


~Craig Dillon-Gibbons (CDG, REDs Captain)

Training - Wednesday's

Hey Guys,

Now that daylight savings is upon us, we are going to resume training on Wednesday evenings, 6pm at Bendwood Park.  I encourage everyone to make it down - even if you can't get there by 6pm - we all need to work on our skills and fitness leading up to our first game in a couple of weeks.

See you there!