Lonestars Merchandise Christmas Sale!


Our Lonestars gear is very popular for Christmas presents and we are doing a special on our 2014 Club T's. Get in quick as we only have a few left in each size but have Adults and Kids available.  Delivery, pick up or postage can be arranged. Email info@houstonfooty.com or contact Sonni or DB.

Christmas Specials

Lonestars 2014 T-Shirts - $15!!! (Normally $25) All sizes including youth and toddler.

Lonestars Hoodies - $30 (Nomally $35) Only L, XL & 3XL left!

Lonestars Caps - $10 (Normally $15)

Lonestars Player Jerseys - $50 (Normally $60)

Lonestars Koozies - $3 (Nomally $5)

Merry Christmas!!!


Lonestars Presentation Night 2014 Wrap Up

Around 65 Lonestars and friends dined, drank, danced and shotted(with our very own Lonestars designed shots) the night away at the Sam Houston Hotel in downtown at our 2014 Lonestars Presentation Night last Saturday night.

Rix Productions did it again and delivered an amazing Presentation and Vote Count. For those who want to re-live it or those who missed it, check out all the round by round votes and awards via the document links below in Parts 1 & 2. If only we could capture the dulcit tones of Rixy's commentatry.. and a few hecklers on the night!

Congratulations to Stuart Job on taking out the Lonelow/Craig Ruggles Trophy for best & fairest player at the Lonestars in 2014. A great effort by Tassie boy Stu in his first year at the Lonestars, traveling in from Nola for most of the games wherever we played.

A massive thank you to Rixy, Renee and Sonni for organising the night and to Renee again for her amazing award creations and decorations.

It was a fancy fabulous night to cap off a great year!


PART 1- http://houstonfooty.com/sites/default/files/Lonestars%20Presentation%20Night%202014%20-%20Votecount%20-%20Part%201%5B2%5D.pdf

PART 2-http://houstonfooty.com/sites/default/files/Lonestars_Presentation_Night_2014_-_Votecount_-_Part_2%5B4%5D.pdf