2014 Spring Metro Teams

The combine has been held and the draft took place, see below for who got snapped up by the team captains Matt and Edgy.


Lonestars Metro Combine - This Saturday 11am


As you know we are dreaming big this year, and focusing on building football in Houston in many ways, such as Ausball (see http://ausball.com/), Metros (9 a side) and of course normal full matches against the usual suspects such as Dallas, Austin and Baton Rouge.

We are excited to announce that this weekend we will be holding a "Combine" which your Metro Managers will use to select players in the annual Metro draft. The plan is to have two independant sides managed by Matt Stevens and David Edge, they are responsible for their player talent, which means they select their teams and ensure that they turn up each scheduled match. 

The Combine will be lots of fun and you will be scored on some pretty simple activities, such as kicking accuracy, goal kicking, handpassing, fitness (don't be scared - no beep tests). You get the added bonus of cheering on your team mates as they go through their paces.  For full details of what the combine will consist of, see details here

Place: Bendwood Park, 12700 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024 http://goo.gl/maps/NtK5e

Time: Saturday March 1st, 11am

We encourage everyone to make it down, participate if you can, if you are injured come down and help out.

Afterwards, we'll head to our sponsors the Karbach Brewery for beers, tally up the results and hold our first ever Metro Draft. http://goo.gl/maps/4aNU6