Training - Wednesday's

Hey Guys,

Now that daylight savings is upon us, we are going to resume training on Wednesday evenings, 6pm at Bendwood Park.  I encourage everyone to make it down - even if you can't get there by 6pm - we all need to work on our skills and fitness leading up to our first game in a couple of weeks.

See you there!


Spring Metro Round 1, 2015 - Match Report

2010 Superbowl – Saints vs. Colts

Mayweather vs Pacquio (Who doesn’t want Pacman to win)

David vs. Goliath

Blues a'la Mashmellows vs Reds


All of the above drive the emotional spirit of an underdog. We as human beings, lovers of a contest, share in the occasional joy and more frequent misery of rooting for the improbable. The Blues… wait….Mashmellows gave us this on the first day of March in 2015. The Mashmellows, missing some big names, prevailed against the Reds in what started out as a scrap and ended in some pretty competitive footy.

Firstly to the Blues chosen name the Mashmellows. In fitting Mash style, the Captain decided to hit the gym for a pre-game workout. His perceived attempt to look strikingly buff for the first hitout of the year resulted in a back injury and the ability to only provide passion from the sidelines. Deservingly, the team has been named the Mashmellows, framed by the young Holland in 2013. Nothing angers Mash more than not running out with his brothers. He took this one squarely on the chin.

Back to the Game……

What a tussle. On the first day of March 2015, the weather was a cool 63F with the clouds keeping the sun and the raindrops away. The surface a little wet, the game was poised to be a measure of teamwork and skill.  The teamwork was evident and the skills were starting to improve from our Combine performance the previous week.  The first bounce saw the battle of Holub vs Perham, reunited after a long off-season. Usual suspects at their heals were Stevens, Fielder, Plaisance, and Tobin. Holub took the first spoils with his midfield driving forward. A few stray kicks saw turnovers to the Reds, with Captain CDG, like a gazelle, slotting a gem in front of goal. The ever hard working Mashmellows minimized the Reds lead to 2 at the first change.

The start of the second quarter saw a quadrupling of intensity. Ball movement and football smarts were seen by both teams. The Mashmellows capitalized on end to end footy down the Beers Tree wing via Sam Donnelly (aka Scott Cummings) at one end and Mahoney at the other. Poor kicking in front of goal by the Reds, saw the Mashmellows take a 1 point lead at the main break.

At half time, both captains worked with their teams and made wholesale changes. The Mashmellows swung Zac to the middle, Sam D upfront, Sean and Big Fielder down back and the versatile Holub to the wing with Devlin/Bomber handling the Ruck. The Reds saw Stevens shifted to Half Back, Tom Donnelly Back, Perham forward, Beers in the ruck , and the General CDG on the ball. What resulted was a contest of will. Huge power forward Sam Donnelly (but on his left side can be mistaken for a young Scott Cummings) kicked 2 goals in the premiership quarter and one in the last. With herculean efforts by Fielder down back, the Mashmellows pulled away. The surprise packet Chissi (arriving at 3 quarter time….), slotted a goal to seal the game and shout out the words, Thank You and Good Night! The Mashmellows victorious by 10 points. 

Fantastic efforts for Game 1 with plenty to still improve on. Looking forward to Game 2 this Sunday 3pm. Expect to see more guys down for the game!


Mashmellows     7.05.47            

Reds                 4.13.37

Goal Kickers:

Mashmellows       S Donnelly (3), Steve W, Zach W, Chissi, Bren M

Reds                   T Donnelly (2), CDG, Tobin


Mashmellows      Holub, S Donnelly, Fielder, Brendan M, Zac W

Reds                  Sarge, Art, Perham


~Michal Abdullah (Mash,Mashmellow Captain)