Houston Lonestars Spring Metro - Round 1

Houston Reds (6.5.41) vs Rodeo Clowns (9.3.57)


Reds: Holub 2, Stevens 2, Erik, Vaughn, Carcamo 1

Rodeo Clowns: Holwerda 2, Hodson 2, Edge 2, Ruggles, Remeljej, Groves 1


Reds: Holub, Gelbs, Dillon-Gibbons, Erik, Art

Rodeo Clowns: Ruggles, Plaisance, Hodson, Groves, Holwerda


The Lonestars first hit-out for the year was an early Spring Metro at Bendwood Park, where a spirited game was fought out in soggy conditions. The game started evenly with both teams willing to get their head over the ball and take possession, particularly Groves, Ruggles and Holub.  The Reds got the upper hand in the second quarter but could not convert with Justin Vaughn finding it hard to split the big sticks, though they took a slender lead into half time. 

After the break, the Rodeo Clowns found their rhythm and dominated through the middle with the run of Hodson and Plaisance playing a great stoppage game on Carcamo.  This along with accurate kicking from Hodson and Holwerda saw the Blues enter the last quarter with a 3 goal buffer.  The final quarter was tightly fought with the Reds moving to within a single straight kick with solid effort from Gelbs and Holub around the ground, but again their kicking let the Reds down.  At the other end Edge and Holwerda kicked truly and ultimately put the game beyond doubt in the final minutes.

In all, the game was a really good, hard fought contest for the first hit-out of the season with the Rodeo Clowns coming out on top.  A few injuries to both sides didn’t take away from the successful start to 2014 and has set the tone for a great year for the Lonestars.  Round 2 of the Spring Metro Series will be in 2 weeks (Sunday March 23), so get down to training next weekend and get the body ready for that game. 

Go Lonestars!

Come support our 1st Metro Game Sunday!

As a reminder to all members and supporters, this Sunday 3:30pm at Bendwood Park will be our first official Metro game of the year.  After our combine and draft last weekend, we have two designated teams... The Houston Reds and The Rodeo Clowns!  So come out, support us, and enjoy some footy!


Bendwood Park

12700 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024




- Matt