Baton Rouge Tailgame Game

Hey Guys,

In case you are not aware, the game v Baton Rouge next weekend (the 7th of September) is definitely on! Game will start at 10am, be at the ground by 9am.

Following the game we will be heading over to LSU to tailgate, Baton Rouge will probably organize a keg and food, so be prepared to bring some cash along.

Sonni has booked some rooms at the Holiday Inn, if you would like a room, please let her know BEFORE Wednesday.

Also please update the travel sheet with your availablity, rooms requirements & approx. travel arrangements, link:

Any questions - post them to the Facebook group or reply back.

Training on Sunday (tomorrow) is not on, but we will train Monday evening at 6pm.

See you all soon.


Today's game v Baton Rouge

Hey Guys,

Quick reminder and details for this afternoons game.

Game starts at 6pm - players need to be there at 5pm. 

Location is Bendwood Park, if you don't know, there are no bathroom facilities at the game, please go before you get there! There are a few strip malls nearby if required.

After the game we will head to our favorite pub, The Phoenix for a drink and feed.

See you all out there - if you have any questions, post in the Facebook group.