Ft Lauderdale / No Training

No training this week (Thurs/Sun) due to the Ft Lauderdale game being on. For those that are going to Ft Lauderdale, let me know if you need to know any further details, I believe most of us are staying at the same hotel (or closeby). I have arranged for all the gear to be there (thanks Beardie), so just bring your boots, white shorts if you don't like wearing the capper style we have, mouth guard and any other protective equipment you normally wear.

We need to start planning for Nationals, I will get a spreadsheet up soon to track who is going as we need to book hotels etc within a couple weeks. More info coming.

Next game after Ft Lauderdale is in Baton Rouge on Sept 9th, it will be an early game, followed by a tailgate at the LSU season opener, it was a great weekend last year, lets try to get a good turnout for that one too.

Back to training next Thursday for those I won't see this weekend.



Training Reminder

Training is on as per usual at Bendwood Park on Thursday at 6:30pm (lets hope they have mowed the grass!!) as we have a game coming up in Ft Lauderdale lets get as many guys down as possible so we can have a good skills session followed by a game.

Sunday evening games are still on at Spring Branch Middle School at 6:30pm.  We have had a lot of fun sweating these games out, and usually follow it up with a frothy at Canyon Creek afterwards.

See you out for a kick!

Coach Dan