Game Day Details - Craig Ruggles Cup vs Baton Rouge 3/29

Hey Lonestars,

This Saturday March 29th is our 1st USAFL Game of 2014 against our old friend and foe, Baton Rouge.

This will be a special day for both clubs and the Ruggles family with teams playing for the inaugural 'Craig Ruggles Cup', in honor of our late, great teammate and friend.

All supporters, old and new welcome to help the Lonestars kick off the 2014 season. Sausage sizzle and drinks (soft drinks and Karbach) will be available.

That evening we will head to The Phoenix on Westheimer to have a drink with the Baton Rouge boys and to farewell our superstar ruckman Willo & wife Ingrid before they leave us for Oz after 4 years in Houston.  We will also have Dennis Ryan, USAFL President, in town for the weekend, and he will be playing for Baton Rouge and attending the weekend functions.  So everyone try to make it out whether you are playing or supporting!!  

Game Day Details:

Location is Cullen Park at I10 and Barker Cypress (Google/iPhone Maps will put it in Bear Creek Park which is not right)

19008 Saums
Houston, TX 77084

12:45pm - Arrival for field setup
1:00-1:15pm - Player arrival (We need plenty of time to warm up and sort out sides)
2:00pm - Official Bounce**

**USAFL Dues are required to qualify for Nationals.  Everyone needs to register prior to the game at  This year they will not be granting exemptions as they did last year so it is very important that everyone registers and qualifies in time.  USAFL dues are currently $65 and will go up later in the year.  You will receive a discount on the Lonestars' Club Dues if you pay for the USAFL Dues in advance. 

- Matt

Ruggles Cup 

Houston Lonestars Spring Metro - Round 2

Houston Reds (11.6.72) vs Rodeo Clowns (13.7.85)


Reds: T Donnelly 3, P Mueller 3, Erik 2, Beers 2, Matt Leinbaugh 1

Rodeo Clowns: Remeljej 6, Holwerda 2, Weikel 2, Power, S Donnelly, Dan 1


Reds: T Donnelly, Stevens, Dillon-Gibbons, Gelbs, Erik

Rodeo Clowns: Remeljej, Willow, S Donnelly, Edge, Power


In a similar performance to the previous metro, the Rodeo Clowns came bursting out of the centre through strong rucking by Willow, and piled on the first goals, unanswered.  The Reds rallied themselves and through some clearances by Beers, pulled back the margin to a straight kick at quarter time.

The second quarter saw The Reds come out firing.  Carcamo and Dillon-Gibbons used their pace to break open the midfield, delivering the ball to Mueller, who kicked truly.  Tom Donnelly was everywhere and showed some brilliance in what was the contest of the match between “The Brother’s Donnelly”.  Sam Donnelly held his own and was crucial in the high marking contests.  At the long break The Reds had put themselves in front, but indirect kicking proved costly with The Clowns still in it.

Both teams came out of the long break with resolve to close the game out in the Premiership Quarter.  The Reds delivered the ball consistently forward, but The Clowns backline held strong.  Power stepped up his game another notch out of the middle and pushed the ball forward. Remeljij continued his star effort up forward.  Stevens held Holwerda goalless in the 3rd, which proved critical coming into the final change, with scores level.  It was anyone’s game!

The even nature of the contest continued into the final quarter with strong play at both ends of the ground.  Gelbs was a rock for The Reds down back, pushing the ball forward.  (New) Nate pushed hard all day and showed promise of what is to come as his knowledge of the game develops.

A late surge from The Clowns put the game out of the reach of The Reds with a goal after the siren from Weikel pushing the final margin out to 13points.

We had a great turnout and saw good effort in our 2nd metro game.  It’s very positive for the club to have so many new faces contributing so much. Lets keep pushing each other and prepare for the big games this year!

Go Lonestars!