Training Wednesday


Hey Guys,

Absolutely fantastic effort on the weekend, one of our best games yet, keep up the good work as we build toward the Central Tournament in a couple weeks.

Training will be on as per usual at Bendwood Park, 6:30pm - 8:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday).  We will probably have a relatively light session on fitness and focus on skills.  The difference between us and teams like Austin is that they consistently hit targets, especially going into the forward line. We will continue to work on that, as well as delivery under pressure, composure under pressure, etc.

Lets get as many guys down as possible so we can continue our upwards momentum into the Central Tournament.

See you tomorrow.

Coach Dan

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Summer Metro Round 3, 2015 - Match Report


Summer Metro Round 3 – Convicts(Red) vs Blue Team  

Sunday June 21, 10.00am

Bendwood Park


Game 3 of the summer Metro season saw an earlier Saturday morning start to avoid conflict with Father’s Day.  Having wrapped up the series in Game 2, Matty L’s Red Convicts came into Game 3 light on for numbers and short on size.  Swingman Mueller joined the Convicts for the day and Josh D also convinced Kylie’s cousin Michael to have a run for the Red team. 

Rick’s Blues started the game strongly, with Tommy D a pivotal point up forward and Fielder repelling attacks from half back, spreading the play through Trigger, Blake and CDG who were providing great run through the middle.  Both teams traded goals early in the quarter.  After Blake’s opening goal Coach Dan moved himself onto the ball, which saw the Convicts get their running game going through the middle and some clever vision by Nick P found Perham for a long running goal.  From the center bounce however the Blues CDG cleverly roved Dan’s tap and bounced his way through the middle for a great solo goal.  A strong contested mark by Robbie in the pocket led to a goal for Mueller, but this sparked the Blues into action. Trigger kicked a long running goal, Tom D found his range, and Rick and Blake also kicked truly as the Blues side flexed its muscle.  Another long running goal to Perham kept the Convicts in the contest as the Blues went into the break leading 6.3 to 3.1.

The 2nd quarter saw the Convicts go a man down, with ring-in Michael succumbing to a combination of heat and Friday night margaritas.  The game itself became scrappy, with both sides standing strong in defense but turning the ball over going into attack.  The running power of the Blues midfield remained on show, and if not for some errant goal kicking the Blues could have put the game beyond reach.  As it was, the only goal came late in the quarter from Dan kicking over the top to Mueller who ambled in to an open goal.  At half-time, it was still the Blues holding the advantage 6.5 to 4.2.

Due to the heat, Coach Dan and Umpire Nate decided that the 3rd quarter would be the last.  Unfortunately the would-be writer of the match report went to get more water, and returned just as the game finished.  Rick’s better half Carolina however provided wonderful assistance in keeping track of the scores in what turned out to be a return to open play, and reliably recorded 5 'good ones' and 2 'little ones' for the Blues compared to 3 'good ones' and 2 'little ones' for the Convicts.  A bit of investigation revealed that Blake kicked 3 goals for the term as Trigger and Art also kicked majors for the Blues, while goals for the Convicts came from Nick P, Dan and Mueller again as the Blues ran out deserved 27-point winners 11.7 to 7.4.

Final Score:

Blues: 11.7 (73) defeated Red Convicts:  7.4 (46)


Blues: Blake 5, Trigger 2, Tom D, Rick, CDG, Art

Convicts: Mueller 3, Perham 2, Nick P, Dan


Blues: Blake, Tom, CDG, Trigger

Convicts: Perham, Damo, Mueller, Robbie


~Written by Scotty (The FineMaster)

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