Summer Break Social - Heat is here, we need to drink beer!

Heat is here, we need to drink beer, quench our thirst and spread a bit of cheer, 
let's fall back, to Karbach and reflect on the half year. 

Friday 24th July 6:00pm (tomorrow night!)

Lonestars players and members wear your club T's and bring your friends along to our favorite brewery.

~Phil Harford (Member-at-large)

Lonestars Summer Beak

A huge thanks to all those who made the journey and played or supported the Lonestars at the Central Tournament in Racine.  The Lonestars put on a very respectable performance against some very good opposition....the details to follow in the Match Report coming soon...

Summer Break

We are now taking a Summer break until mid August - there won't be be training Wednesdays or Sundays till then.  Remember to keep yourself in shape over the break.  Casual fitness sessions will be held, so keep an eye out on facebook for them.

The second half of the year will involve plenty of great footy - please put these dates in your diary as we need everyone available:

Sep 5th - SAT LSU TAILGATE @ Baton Rouge 
Sep 19th - SAT TEXAS CUP @ Houston
Sep 26th - SAT TEXAS CUP @ Dallas
Oct 3rd - FRI AFL Grand Final Party 

Oct 16th-18th 










Summer Socials will be scheduled over the next month during the break, including supporting our Sponsors Karbach and Phoenix on Westheimer as well as some other fun activities.  Details and dates to follow.

Looking forward to a well-deserved break before we build towards a strong Nationals campaign!