Summer Metro Round 1, 2015- Match Report

Summer Metro Round 1 – Convicts(Red) vs Blue Team  

Sunday June 7, 5pm

Bendwood Park

With summer starting to heat up Houston, the Lonestars kicked off a new Metro series with the opening match played on Sunday evening. Last Wednesday's draft saw two new team captains take the reigns - Matty L captaining the Mighty Convicts of the red team while Ricko leads the much taller blue squad. With travel and injuries limiting player availability, both teams managed to wrangle decent numbers for the round 1 bout. The game was played with 10 a side, making sure to leave a couple of subs for each team. This made for a tough encounter as the relatively large field left lots of open space for the players to use. 
The first quarter started fast, as any concerns the Convicts had about playing without the absent Perham were quickly silenced by a dominating performance in the ruck by the surprise pickup Dale Cameron. With the flow off the tap consistently moving in the red teams favor, the forward line of Matty L and Dan were able to slot in some early goals and give the Convicts the first lead of the game. The blue team fought hard and ran harder, but inaccurate kicking and constant pressure would be the story of their first quarter. With Brendan putting through 1 more goal before the horn, the Convicts walked away from the first quarter with a 3 goal lead.
The second quarter began much like the first as the Red Convicts jumped out early and took another goal. The blue team, however, would not be going down easy. With some positional adjustments, the blues were able to take advantage of the aggressive red midfield. Over-pursuit by the reds and fast hands by the blues lead to back to back goals as the blue midfield was able to force a numbers advantage in the forward half of the field. The teams would trade a few more goals as the heated competition of the metro only grew hotter.
The Convicts led at the half: 6.3.39 to 3.7.25 
The second half started with another positional shift by the blue team as big Tom was sent in to battle Dale in the ruck. This provided the extra spark in the middle that the blue team needed as the entire flow of the game shifted into their favor. The ball spent the majority of the quarter in the blues forward line as Max and Blake knocked in several goals. The red team was beginning to look tired as possession after possession all went in favor of the blues. With Josh Devlin tap-dancing a goal in from about 2 feet out, the blues found themselves only 1 goal back as the third quarter came to an end.
The final quarter began with the same intensity that ended the previous quarter. The Convicts were fired up and determined to hold onto their early game lead, and the blues felt destined to snatch the victory away in the waning minutes. The ball went back and forth, with every possession hotly contested. The midfield had turned into a battleground. The Convicts were the first team to land a strike as they managed to get a handball out of the pack that led to a quick kick into the waiting arms of Nick Maass who was able to run in the first goal of the quarter. The red team would not be celebrating for long however, as a few possessions later, Max took the mark of the day. Running hard and flying high, he was able to bowl his way through a pack and come up with the ball, and ultimately a goal. Unfortunately, that would be the end of the scoring for the blue team. With the Convicts managing to put through 2 more goals in the final minutes of the game, they had secured the victory, and taken the early lead in the series. 

Final Scores

Convicts                     10 – 7 – 67

Blues                           7 – 8 – 50


Convicts: Matt L (5), Brendan (2), Dan(1), Nick M (1), Robbie (1)

Blues: Max (3), Blake (1), CDG (1), Art (1), Josh D (1)


Convicts: Matt L, Bren, Dale, Sean, Nick Maass

Blues: Blake, Tom D, Max, Art, Tobin


~Written by Matty 'Baby' L. (Convicts Captain)

2015 Spring Metro Teams Announced & Next Social Wednesday

Sorry to the guys who are not on Facebook and might have missed last week's annoucing of Summer Metro Teams.


For the first Wednesday Night Summer Social, a group of 40 Lonestars and friends headed down to Karbach to check out our sponsors new brewery and restaurant.  Dave Graham, Karbach's Marketing Manager, gave the group a private tour of the new premises which was extremely impressive and also talked through future expansion plans which will ensure there will beer beer flowing for the Lonestars for many years to come.  He also thanked the club for their support of the brewery and mentioned how all the staff at Karbach really enjoyed having the team be part of the Karbach family.  If you haven't been down to try out the great food at the new bar/restaurant and some of the tasty new brews on tap make sure to do so this summer(and wear your Lonestars shirt!).  

On this night the teams for the Summer Metro Series were selected by Reds captain Matt L and Blues captain Rick Veroude.  With a number of guys out with injuries and on holiday jaunts in was a competitive selection process. Great to see some of the new guys at the club being snapped up!

Attached are the Metro teams on a Google Doc so please fill out your availability for the coming weeks! 

Ricko and his vice captains will be reaching out to the Blues and Matty L and his vice captains will be reaching out to the Reds over the next few weeks also.  If you don't see your name on the list please let let us know and we will sign you up to the Blues or Reds. Newcombers are always welcome and it's a great introduction to our club and the game!

The Summer Metro Series will be a great lead up to our two big mid-year games coming up - the 1st Round of the Texas Cup in Austin June 27th and the USAFL Central Tournament in Racine/Chicago July 11.

METRO GAME DAYS: Next 3 Sundays, June 7,14 & 21, 4.30pm at Bendwood Park.



This week's Wednesday Social will be a game watching party at The Phoenix On Westheimer. Starting at 7pm... We'll be watching some film from the March 21 Cowboy Cup against Austin as well as last weekend's Dockers vs Tigers game! Get down there and invite friends and family... All are welcome and you'll be getting 15% off all food purchases on the Lonestars discount!!

Coming up...Rock Climbing, Go-Karting, Wakeboarding, Top Golf, Extreme Frisbee and more...



Captain: Matt Leinbaugh                Captain: Rick Veroude
Tallis Bennett-Vershure   Art Livingston
Jesse Carcamo   Tobin Gelbs
Perhan Dixon   Michal Abdullah
Sean Smyth   Triegue Allen
Matt Stevens   Tom Donnelly
Matt Pay   CDG
Scott Cameron   Blake Hodson
Dan Holwerda   Justin Vaughn
Brendan Mahoney   Earl O'Callaghan
Nick Plaisance   Adam Beers
Adam Ruggles   Max Boland
Glen Sargent   Chisi
Berky Ashcraft   Chris Fielder
Nick Maass   Paul Mueller
Mark Maclaine   Jordan Remeljej
Robbie Sherlock   Josh Devlin
Andrew Slusher   Josh Morris
 Umpire: DB/Nate    

Sam Donnelly

Zach Weikel

Matt Holub

Stu Job

Ben Power

Phil Harford