Summer Metro Round 2 - Match Report

Houston Summer Metro Round 2 – Red Warriors vs Blue Barn Burners

Sunday July 27, 6pm

Bendwood Park

With the scorching sun replacing the rain of the first week, round 2 of the summer metro promised a great contest. Fielder’s Blues were looking for revenge after feeling they were the better team in a tight week 1 loss. It was not going to be easy though, as Weikel’s Reds saw the prized Rix and Power lineup for their summer debuts. With some of the questions over Fielder’s selection policy abating during the week strong numbers of 20 for both teams readied themselves for 14 a side action.

With the Reds brimming with confidence and a powerful midfield the contest began as an arm wrestle. Despite the fast track neither midfield was able to find enough space to allow for clean delivery forward and the game bounced between backlines. With Art, Edge, Zac and Tobin holding strong down back for the Reds, their Blue counterparts in Sean, Pete, and Matty S were equally impressive as the Reds were ultimately unable to capitalize on what advantage in possession they had.

¼ Time

Red 0.2.2         Blue 1.2.8

The second quarter picked up right where the 1st ended, a ferocious contest in the midfield. With Rix getting first hand in the ruck for the Reds the Blues were playing tight with Perham again setting an impressive standard with his defensive pressure. With the Blues able to absorb the early pressure of the Reds led by Justin and Power the game opened up as the sun blazed away. As the quarter wore on the Blues began to find space and used the experience of DB, Chisi, Pete, and Josh M to provide clean ball to Ricko, Mueller and Matty L who presented well. The Blues capitalized on their good play to slam through 4 goals and take a 16 point lead into halftime. 

½ Time

Red 2.4.16       Blue 5.2.32

With the questions around the Blues selection policy well and truly answered the attention turned to what Weikel could extract from his Reds. Would they wilt in the sun, or rise to the challenge? That question was emphatically answered as the quartet of Rix, Power, Blake, and Jesse dominated the clearances with Power particularly impressive with his work around the packs. Their work was rewarded with Jordan and Tom who had been well held in the first ½ threatening to break the game open as the Reds surged into the lead with 3 unanswered goals. It was only a late flash of brilliance from Pete (although Renee was not impressed) with a left footed snap from deep in the pocket that gave the Blues the edge heading into the last quarter.

¾ Time

Red 5.6.36       Blue 6.4.40

The final stanza began in spectacular fashion with Matty H winning the ruck to a surging Craig DG who slotted home a brilliant running goal to provide breathing room for the Blues. This was ultimately the killer blow for the Reds who had thrown everything at the Blues in the 3rd quarter. With the Blues seeming fresher around the midfield, and their defense led by Sean and Sam holding the Reds forward line in check the Blues would ultimately run away to a deserving 22 point victory.


Red 6.6.42       Blue 10.4.64


Red: Tom D(1), Dan(1), Jordan(1), Ben P(1), Cameron(1), Blake(1)

Blue: Mueller(2), Craig (2), Matt H (2), Rick (2), Matt L(1), Peter C(1)


Red: Power, Justin, Blake, Tobin, Zac

Blue: Pete, Perham, Chissi, DB, Matt H, Josh M, Craig DG (entire team!)

All in all round 2 provided another great contest with a strong showing from both teams in what was pretty extreme heat. We had strong individual matchups all over the field with Matty H battling Rix in the ruck all day a highlight. We had a great mix of experience out there, and the newer guys continued to impress with Josh Morgan making a notable first appearance. Fielder will take great pride in his Blues who were ultimately cleaner with their ball movement going forward. As for the Reds, they will unfortunately head into round 3 without Edgy who suffered a fractured fibula, which seems to explain why he was struggling to make the photo at the end of the game. With the series tied at 1-1, round 3 will be exciting with the pressure now placed squarely at the capable feet Weikel and his Reds.

Thanks again to all supporters who came out and to Renee who again did a great job of keeping the teams from passing out in the intense heat.

~Coach Nate

Summer Metro Round 1 - Match Report

Houston Summer Metro Round 1 – Red Warriors vs Blue Barn Burners

Sunday July 20, 6pm

Bendwood Park


Summer has really hit Houston and so too did the Houston Lonestars second Metro series with the opening match played on Sunday evening!  Last week's player combine saw two new team captains take the reigns - Zac Weikel leads the experienced the Red Warriors team whilst Chris Fielder marshals the young and energetic Barn Burner Blues. There has been plenty of banter about the selection decisions, particularly the young and less experienced Blues team.  However Fielder stood by his strategy opting for young and dedicated players rather than a team of experienced individuals…we’ll see if that holds up…!  

With very strong numbers available for round 1, the game was played 14 a side with 4 or 5 subs each team. This made for a tough encounter on the small field with the teams show-casing the new Lonestars Metro Jerseys.  The message for the Blues was to be first to the ball and be accountable, whilst the Reds focus was to use the teams's natural ability to control the game.  

The first quarter was played at a furious pace as many players obviously missed hard physical footy with the Lonestars last playing back in June.  The Blues started just as planned leading the Reds to the ball, playing a team game and running in numbers. The experience of the Reds was clear with Hodson, T Donnelly and Jessie getting plenty of ball early, however were overcome by the more cohesive Blues unit particularly feeding off the dominant Matt Holub and a solid backline holding firm.  The Blues went into quarter time 1 goal ahead, but looked more organized across the field.   

The rain came down in the second quarter and turned the ball into a bar of soap!  The Blues continued to play with intensity and use the football more smartly than the Reds, however the slippery conditions made for more scrappy footy and scoring was difficult at both ends.  Impressive new US recruit Perham tightened up on Blake and the Reds midfield was muted somewhat by the Blues numbers and committed style of footy.  At half time the Blues remained a goal ahead in a tight second quarter.


The second half started similarly to the first with the Blues continuing to get numbers to the contest and their head over the ball.  Again the attack started from the backline with Matt Stevens, Sean Smyth and Sam Donnelly supported by Craig D-G and Fielder in the middle.  The Reds were getting plenty of the ball across the field with Ruggles and Art bursting through packs and Holwerda presenting options up forward, however being well-held by Sean most of the day.  The Blues could not convert their possession kicking 1-4 for the term and went into ¾ time only 3 points up. Fitness looked to be a question mark against the Reds…and seemed to take their frustrations out on Umpire Nate…

The final quarter saw the Reds wake up and stamp themselves on the contest.  With Perham having to depart before the end of the game, Blake Hodson racked up multiple damaging possessions early in the quarter to bring the Reds right into the fray, and when Beers kicked accurately after Cameron's shuffling effort on the HF line, the Reds finally hit the front!  From then on, the Blues kept themselves in the contest but could not convert their opportunities despite Matt Holub's efforts with some great grabs up forward and surging efforts by Chisi, Phil, Josh and Rick.  The Reds experience told in the end as Edgy, Zac, Nick Plaisance and Tom Donnelly getting their team back into the game as they combined better as a team.  Despite missing highly fancied Rix and Power, the Reds prevailed on the scoreboard although the Blues can definitely hold their heads up high and ultimately their inaccuracy cost them the win.

Thanks to all supporters who came out to watch this physical opening game. Game 2 looks to be a great match-up between the 2 teams next Sunday so everyone get out there!!

Thanks also must go out to water girl Renee Coates who did a stellar job keeping the teams hydrated in the stifling heat!



Red Warriors                    6 – 6 – 42

Blue Barn Burners             5 – 11 – 41



Reds: Remeljej 2, Vaugn 1, Holwerda 1, Dillman 1, Beers 1

Blues: Veroude (Rick) 2, Holub 2, Mueller 1



Reds:  Hodson, Ruggles, Remeljej, Dillman, Carcamo, Art

Blues:  Holub, Smyth, Perham, Stevens, Veroude, S Donnelly