Nationals 2014, Dublin, OHIO – October 10-12th

Lonestars, get ready for the biggest football weekend of the year – 2014 Nationals!  This year they will be held in Dublin Ohio, just outside the city of Columbus.  With a strong level of participation and high quality football throughout the year, we will be looking to play our highest standard of football yet with the possibility of having 2 teams entered for the first time and after taking out Division 3 last year.

It is important we get travelling plans arranged as soon as possible.  Below summarizes travel and logistics:


Friday Oct 10:            

8am-4pm – Administrator’s Conference

10am - Umpiring Clinic

12-5pm - Coaching Clinic

4pm - AGM

6pm -11pm - Player Registration (Nationals must bring Passport)

8pm – Nationals Welcome Drinks

8.30pm - Coaches and Umpires Meeting


Saturday Oct 11:       

Day 1 Nationals (first game 9am - 6pm)

Sunday Oct 12:         

Day 2 Nationals (first game 9am - 6pm)

Finals 1pm-5pm

Presentations 5.30pm

7pm - After party at Bogey Inn, Dublin

*Times are subject to change

*Please let DB know if you can/want to attend the Administrator’s Conference, AGM or Coaching & Umpiring Clinics.


The following flight options are recommended – please book as soon as possible and update the Google doc (link below) with you flight details.  If you have any questions about flights please contact Edgey or Sonni. (*Prices are current as at 8/19 on and Southwest and are starting From..)

Airport(Dist. From Dublin)















Columbus (20min)

$507 (0 stops)

$202 (1 stop)

$382 (1 stop)


$411 (0 stops)

$202 (1 stop)

$348 (1 stop)

Dayton (1 hr)

$322 (1 stop)


$311 (1 stop)

$428 (1stop)


  1. The preferred airport to fly in and out of is Columbus, Ohio.
  2. The Div. 2 Grand final will be played at approx. 3-4pm Sunday, so ensure your flight times provide enough time to play in the grand final if required. i.e. Returning Sunday flights after 6.30pm Columbus or 7.30pm Dayton only please.
  3. If you don’t want to be stressed about getting a flight Sunday night and stay for presentations and the fun of post-Nationals celebrations (which many of us enjoyed last year!!) we recommend you take a Monday return flight option. 
  4. Some of us will be going a day early (Thurs) to attend one of the USAFL sessions running Friday. If you are in the coaching, umpiring or admin committee please try to attend your designated meeting. Everyone is encouraged to be there for the Welcome Drinks and Player Check-In’s Friday at 8pm.



As a club we are are required to stay at one of USAFL affiliated hotels.  After reviewing all options, a block of rooms have been booked for the Lonestars at the Hampton Inn Suites - Dublin.(SO PLEASE DON'T BOOK YOUR OWN ACCOM!)

The hotel includes a FREE Continental & Hot breakfast each morning, pool, gym and is closely located to many restaurants, bars and shopping areas.

The ‘standard room’to be  covered by the club will be a triple share for Fri & Sat nights.  Please indicate “SHARE” in the Nationals Google Doc if you are happy with this option.

If you have different requirements (i.e travelling with wife/partner or family), please indicate “SELF” on the Google Doc. If you choose to have your own room the club will only cover a portion of your stay.

Please also indicate if you plan on staying additional nights (e.g. Thurs, Sun).  At this stage you will have to pay for these nights yourself but we can arrange these nights for you with the group booking manager at the hotel. (*Room costs are approx. $128 pn


ALL Players Partners, Friends and Families welcome and help create a supporter group for the team!!!


Local Transport:

We will be renting cars/minivans for getting players around.  Please indicate in the Google Doc if you are willing to be a driver of one of the “SHARE” cars.  If you prefer to “SELF” rent a car, please indicate in the Google Doc.


Financial Assistance:

We want all Lonestars to be able to participate in Nationals - the pinnacle of Aussie Rules Football in the USA.  The majority of funds raised throughout the year go towards Nationals and we are happy to cover accommodation and local transport as much as we can.  If you need assistance with flights please talk to DB. 

Nationals Contacts:

Dave Bryant –   

Nathan Lane –

Sonni Lovel –

USAFL Official Nationals Information & Maps

Training and Ausball


Two more months to Nationals and a huge month of footy ahead with games against Fort Lauderdale, New York, Baton Rouge, and the final round of the Texas Cup so it is time to hit the track hard!

For the Ausballers, great session last week and it really showed in the game with a lot of great play. The skills are getting better every week so we will be back at it tomorrow at Bendwood for more fitness and footy!

Ausball/Skills Development Group

Wednesday 6.30-7.30 will focus on skills.
       7.30-8.00 will be an Ausball game

Regular Training Group

Wednesday 6-8
Sunday 6-8 (informal metro)