1st Annual Season Opening Brewery Pub Crawl


Join the Houston Lonestars on Saturday 8th April at 1pm for the 1st Annual Season Opening Brewery Pub Crawl.

Even though we haven't played a single match, this event looks certain to be the highlight of the football calendar year!

Starting at Karbach Brewery at 1pm and finishing at Platypus Brewery approx. 6pm. Final route will be posted up next week and rest assured there will be some non-beer stops on the way too.

This event is part of our official football season folks >>>Performance of each player will be recorded against select criteria and official boat race skulling times will be recorded. Awards will be presented on the night as well as later in the year at our Lonelow Presentation Night.

We hope it will be an important Recruitment Day for the club, both on-field and off-field - so brings all your mates and wear your Lonestars or AFL team gear. 

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Posted By sonni read more


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