Ausball Spring Series

The 2015 Ausball Spring Season kicks off this week and you don't want to miss it. Come and learn the great game of Australian Rules Footbal with Ausball, a fast and fun co-ed version of the game that introduces the skills, fitness, and culture of Australian footy to anyone and everyone willing to give it a go!




First time out, no worries, as there is no registration required the first time you give it a go.

For our Ausball converts, register now for all 2015 Ausball events at or click on the Sign Up tab at

April Footy Schedule


The year is well and truly under way now and we will look to build on our key themes of Execution, Space, and Discipline on the training track ahead of our next game against Baton Rouge (4/25). We came very close to victory against Austin in a very disciplined defensive effort and will continue to focus on skills (execution), game sense (space), as we look to build off the solid Cowboy Cup performance. Also, the first Ausball sessions for the year are going to start next week (4/8) so start spreading the word to any and all (more detail will follow later this week).

Wednesdays: 6-6:30 warmup, 6:30-8 training

Sundays: 5-5:30 warmup, 5:30-7 light game

4/1 Bendwood, 6-8pm

4/5 No official session (Easter)

4/8 Bendwood, 6-8pm

4/12 Bendwood 5-7pm

4/15 Bendwood 6-8pm

4/19 Bendwood 5-7pm

4/22 Bendwood 6-8pm

4/25 Ruggles Cup vs. Baton Rouge

4/26 No session