Rather than try to explain it all to you and what makes this game so spectacular, as they say documentation beats conversation, and a picture is worth a thousand words (at least 997 last time I checked) so take a few minutes to check out this short but very powerful intro to Footy, and Aussie 'Culture'!;)

Great Video-Pic Vignette of Footy (C'mon The Eagles! Music: "The Holy Grail" compliments of Australia's own Hunters and Collectors):

Lastly, Footy is fairly new to Texas, especially Houston, and there is much debate in pubs around town about which sport is better, Footy or Football (as in American Football or 'Grid Iron' as the Aussie call it) and well, take a look at this most recent discussion and how it all was decided in the end, and YOU decide for yourself!



Australian Rules Football Highlights (Best All Time Goals and Marks)